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Simplify Your Business or Practice!
Finally, Ideas and Integrations That Work
Revenue Specialists RX is experienced and familiar in areas such as business development, bottom line accountability, processes, accounting and finances, business operations and computer software resources. We offer the benefits of having strong analytical, communication, multi-tasking, and presentation and team work skills.
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Get Answers to Tough Questions!
We not only provide business practice consultation but also offer the right software solutions to help you be successful.
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Most businesses and practices that end up like this are
profitable just not efficient. There is only time to run
the business not manage it. Let us untangle it.
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Why The Rx?
RX is an abbreviation for the Latin word "Recipere" or "Recipe".
Revenue Specialists Rx has the right Recipe to improve your business or practice. Ingredients:

* Initial Consultation
* Discovery
* Suggest Modifications
* Decision to Act
* Implementation
* Reap the Benefits